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Rick N Morty Scientist 14 Inches Glass Bong

Rick N Morty Scientist 14 Inches Glass Bong

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Due to high-demand, we have happily ordered in the newest designs for your satisfaction and convenience.

These bongs come 14 inches in height, 5.5 Inches diameter from the bottom, and a 14 MM joint size. This bong also has an Ice Catcher with a rounded mouthpiece. The Rick N Morty graphics are of the highest quality which attracts everyones eyes. The neck of the bong is 9 inches tall, so the graphics covers the large area.

The indents in the neck are designed to catch ice cubes you drop down the neck which are completely upto you.. These are use to cool smoke further after it's been percolated through the water in the beaker. As the ice cools your hits it melts and drops water into the reservoir below.

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